Monday, February 15, 2016


When I worked through lesson 2 in my downloaded Jane Davies Dynamic Composition class, I struggled a bunch. Couldn't get a handle on what my objective was.

I watched the video, was cool when she said, Ok, here I'm going to let this dry for a few minutes, and decide what to do next. 

Except then the video ended, and she never did anything next. What the heck!

Jane, come back! You've left me high and dry!

Well, in fact, she had not left me high and dry. The blooper was entirely mine. I'd left me high and dry! I'd forgotten the written part of the lesson, which I did read at the start of the lesson but lost track of somewhere en route. Sure could have spared myself some internal friction had I remembered it.

Weeks later, and after three challenging iterations of the assignment, what did I bump into?


The written lesson.

So I took me to my studio and made me a totally fun fourth abstract landscape collage.

Actually I didn't make me the landscape. I made Chloe the landscape.

Happy birthday, Chloe!

Amethyst for Chloe
4x5", acrylic and collage on watercolor paper
abstract landscape
[not for sale]


  1. Your narratives are always so entertaining, Dotty. Love them!

    1. Thanks, Joje! I enjoy telling a story, in case you can't tell! I enjoy sorting out my thinking by writing.

  2. I love this! You are evolving right before our eyes, Dotty. All your practice, studio time, and doing and thinking is really apparent. You're diverse, skillful, and colorful, and you keep us wondering, "what's in Dotty's head today?".

    1. Laurie, thanks for your helpful feedback. I seem to move "all over the place" in my art. Mostly that feels wonderful and makes total sense to me because I see my art as self-exploration, so I follow it where it takes me. Sometimes, however, I perceive all-over-the-place as scattered and lacking in cohesion. Your comments frame and affirm my self-expression through art, and I'm grateful for your words.

      Had to laugh at your closing comment because I keep MYSELF wondering, too: "What's in Dotty's head today?"!

  3. LOL Oh Dotty! Your posts are so fun! Sounds like something I would do. DID. Trying to learn a new technique in Photoshop. after 7 tries I stumbled onto the fact that I was doing the right thing, in the wrong place. DUH. Took me three more tries to figure out how I accidentally got it right. Keep 'em coming Dotty :)

    1. Bloopers are more fun when shared, don'tcha think?! Thanks for your support, a lovely ongoing gift.