Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Postcard Playground

These sturdy 4x5" substrates I've made from manila stock make great turf for experimenting.

Today, I started with an already-prepped background painted awhile ago.

Had a sliver of an idea. Made a mark.

Nah. Didn't do it for me.

Made another mark. Better. That mark led to me to the next, and on to others.

I let some wind-driven wax-pastel rain sheet its way crosswise.

Scribbled a bit.

Made some more marks.

Then called it a day.

Postcard's ready to head on its way—maybe through wind, maybe through rain, maybe through neither.

Happy trails, little card!

Postcard 8
5x4", acrylic, ink, and wax pastels on manila stock
[not for sale]


  1. Love seeing your cheerful cards, so much more so because of the story behind them :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Love that I can bring cheer not only to myself and my dad, but also to you! Thanks also for your affirmation of my storytelling : )

  2. I agree with Sheila.....but fill me in on the story!

    1. Laurie, the big-picture story can be found at my 1/18/16 post, "By Post," and in the first two paragraphs at my 1/19/16 post, "Play It Again, Sam." The little-picture story gets told in the post that accompanies any one particular postcard : )

  3. I enjoy reading the stories that go with each day's piece. Look what happens when one mark turns into another and then the rain hits! What are you doing with all these great post cards?

    1. Corinna, thanks for your comments. I love knowing that my stories touch others, including new friends such as yourself! Re your question about what I'm "doing with all these great postcards," see my 1/18/16 post, "By Post."