Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another Canvas, Another Cruciform

Lesson 3 in my Jane Davies composition class is still calling out to me to keep playing. So … another canvas, another cruciform.

Well, canvas paper, actually.

Oh, and more than one cruciform.

I'm off to the big city for the afternoon and evening so I teased a little time out of my morning for painting.

Davies and others often recommend working on more than one piece at a time and/or working in series, so I've set up four 4x4" substrates to play with. I started two this morning, each roughly a negative of the other. I had fun raiding our tool bench in the basement for a few items to use for making texture, and I resurrected the October edition of a community publication called The Villager from when I made art with Caroline and Emmy back in the fall, and used it as my source for collage paper.

off and running with new cruciform compositions
close-up, with preliminary textural elements

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