Wednesday, June 6, 2018

One Thing, Another

Jon Katz, in his memoir about a rescue donkey who comes into his life in upstate New York, asserts, If my life on a farm is characterized by any one idea, it would be this: one thing leads to another.

Jen Walls writes about Katz's Saving Simon at her blog.

I am pulled in by her musings.

I request the book from interlibrary loan.

I read it.

Katz's explorations of compassion, self-compassion, and suspending judgment touch me.

Many of his ideas shine light on my experience of painting.




That's not the story I set out to tell.


Today, I post on Instagram.

@ronda_kernodle likes my photo. Wonder who she is.

Follow her link, poke around her page, discover that she quilts.

A patch of fabric catches my eye.

Bingo! Just the take-off point for which I didn't know I was looking!


That's life on my little farm.


Starting point for today's patch:

another residual-paint catch-all patch,

A palette knife leads to mixing paint, mixing paint leads to covering the patch, covering the patch leads to a dime-store brush, the dime-store brush leads to making swirly white orbs on the page, making swirly white orbs on the page leads to oil pastels, oil pastels lead to india ink, india ink leads to collage, collage leads to matte medium, matte medium leads to:

newest patch
new patch in the bigger picture
work in progress
working title: Core Values

Thank you, Jen.

Thank you, Ronda.


  1. oooooh I love these dystopian orbs! And how one thing DOES lead to another. And to synchronicity....pre-blogged (yep, I do that) yesterday and HOW IRONIC that we were channeling each other!!! xoxoxo

    1. Glad you like my orbs, and love that you refer to them as dystopian!

      Yes, wonderfully synchonistic and ironic that we were channeling each other, all the more so since I, too, pre-blogged!


  2. Yes, everything is interconnected ;-)

    1. And I am always grateful when I am awake to that knowing.

  3. Love the lines and orbs! Delicate scribbles and touch of color!

    1. Carol, thanks for your feedback—which arrived just after I'd left on vacation and to which I am now replying upon my return. Happy that you mentioned the touches of (collage, and oil pastel) color; I wanted to stay fairly monochromatic but to add just a bit of something to get the eye moving around exploring.

  4. Always love your scribbles :)

    1. Always love making them; thank you, Sheila : )