Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lake Champlain, Day 2

[entry drafted at Lake Champlain 6/9/18]


I notice the surface pattern on a duvet in our vacation cottage, play with elements of it on my big piece of drawing paper.

Lines seen in stained glass window art at a local gallery travel through a paint marker onto my drawing paper.

A wildflower leaf pattern transplants itself into the lush tangle of mark-making growing in front of me.

As the day unfolds, I ad lib in short little snippets of three minutes here, ten minutes there, creating without preparation from whatever I have available: I press a few pieces of collage into place, spread some paint with my finger and spritz it with a spray bottle to trigger drips, draw angular lines with a China marker against a metal straight-edge tool, use a brayer to veil.

work in progress
18x24"; mixed media on drawing paper


  1. Love the addition of blue tones.Still keeps its monochromatic feel. Love those textures in the detail????

  2. Hi, Carol—thanks for your comments. The blue tones are from whatever gray I was using, from white veiling, and from whatever light I had available when photographing. Textures come from layers, layers, layers.

  3. Hi Dotty, this all sounds really free and fun and crisp and straight out of the heart. I love the beautiful 'wildflower-pattern'. And the small cut-out detail is beautiful! I also love the black/grey/white 'color'-scheme. it is fantastic in its simplicity!

    1. Hi Simone—thanks for the feedback! Keep cheering me on and encouraging me with free/fun/straight out of the heart. I've come a LONG way but still find myself getting fussy when fussy isn't where I want to be! The small cut-out detail came from wanting some contrast and seeing scraps of paper at hand : )

  4. Love your pattern play, and the addition of soft hues. FUN!