Friday, January 5, 2018

That's How We Roll

Please laugh with me. 

We just finished up holiday breaks—public schools had ten days off, private schools as many as 18, those in the workforce a good handful. 

After which, kids went back to school, adults back to work. 

After one or two days of that … everything closed down for a good old-fashioned S*N*O*W D*A*Y!

Actually, two. 

Might as well get a long weekend out of the snow because, ya know, we won't have any days off again until … the three-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend one week from now.

That's how we roll here in New England!


In my studio today I continued working on the edges of 'free canvas #1' and then picked up another free canvas from my stash to use as a repository for a small bit of paint left on my palette.

 free canvas #2,
as already primed with hot pink
when I acquired it from a free yard 'sale'
first marks on free canvas #2


  1. I so recall listening to the radio for "snow days" YAY. Our street was a slight incline and they closed it so we could use our sleds!
    Isn't it amazing what we get on when we clean the palette on sheets or canvas. So much activity in your shapes, curious to see how they develop.

    1. Snow days never lose their luster!

      No idea where I'll take this canvas playground.

  2. snow days! And hot pink! A perfect combination. Watching excitedly to see where this one goes!

  3. I’ll laugh with you any day, Dotty! “Found friends” is SO cool! And you really did start the new year with energy and your usual zest for life! Nothing but eye candy and mental stimulation!

    1. Hi Laurie, great to 'see' you! Thanks for your unflagging support, and thanks for chuckling with me.

      I assume you're still waiting for baby arrivals???