Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Making Hay

Years ago, I copied out the following lines from Agnes Rossi's novel Houseguest—"pardon my French" for quoting some profane language here, but the profanity is essential to the impact:

     There are difficulties and there are difficulties. It’s one thing to be moving along a sidewalk in winter all but overwhelmed by grief for a beloved wife recently dead. It’s something else entirely to be faced with the prospect of getting a large suitcase without a working handle halfway across town. 
     “Son of a bitch,” Edward said. “Jesus goddamn Christ.” 

The lines came to mind this morning.

I've had a headache for four weeks now, but it 'was something else entirely' to be taking on the tiniest of tasks in my studio, painting the edges of a canvas I started several months ago, and to knock my water container over all over everything. 

What Edward said!

Anyway, headache and spilled water notwithstanding, we have a mega-blizzard forecast for tomorrow, with EVEN COLDER temps than the past couple of weeks predicted to follow. I decided to make hay while the sun shines—to finish the edges of this painting, take a photo outdoors, and then set it on my dresser as a nod to the new year.

Might be finished. Might not. Doesn't matter.

Bring on the blizzard.

free canvas #1
work in progress


  1. I am so sorry about your headache hope you are over it. Hope also for a safe and warm weekend in spite of the storm. We also are having a stormy weekend but nothing compared to yours. Like the dynamics of the black shapes. He well!

    1. Carol, thanks for your healing wishes for my headache. A 'snow day' may be just what I need. The first flakes arrived about an hour again and are intensifying. I'm indoors, with heat and light, cocooned against the swirling energy outdoors—with most of today's anticipated responsibilities off the table.

      Thanks for your mention of the dynamic of the black shapes.

  2. Sometimes a storm blowing through will relieve my headaches. I hope this one sweeps yours away! And cussing...necessary art therapy, I think! But this piece....YUM!

    1. Holding your thought that the storm may clear my head: perfect!

      Thanks for the "YUM!" This canvas is one of the ones I picked up from someone's free yard 'sale' back in the summer. Now that I've finished the edges with black, I don't like them so maybe today I'll slap something else in place. Nothin' to lose!

  3. Love this piece Dotty. Most definitely done, I think. Oh well, the edges maybe do need to change if you don't like them.
    I love the JOYful, playful colors, messy, splashes of yum. And then the BAM, bold circles. Wispy trails of black invite my eye to travel. Take a short stroll. And hints of pattern... make me say Ooouuuu again ;) Feel better friend. And for goodness sake, stay warm :)

    1. Thanks for your vote of 'most definitely done,' Sheila! I do plan to head to my studio momentarily to fiddle with the edges, but that kind of fiddling is likely to be playful and fun vs. fussy and of an overworking nature (god willing!).

      Thanks, too, for the specificity of your comments re visual content. Your feedback grows me as an artist—I'm so grateful.

      Not sure what the heck is up with this headache, but I trust that it will resolve.

      My snow day has been utterly delightful thus far. A day out of time.

  4. Oh, poor you..winter headaches are the worst. :/ I've been having a few myself..feels like an ice cream headache to me, only constant. I'm blaming it on cold weather, drought conditions/no rain for months, and the dry indoor climate. I've been running my humidifier day and night, and I want to believe it helps.

    Also, I'm drinking lots of water, and herbal tea because dehydration causes headaches.

    Enjoy your snowstorm. :) Getting some moisture in the air might ease your pain. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    1. Thanks for your empathy re the winter headache, Katie. Sure wish I could just paint over it and get on with things! Maybe the snowstorm-in-progress will blow it away. In the interim, I've been vigilant with hydration.

      Keep your fingers crossed!