Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Now What?

I am grateful that my deepest purest self knows better than what my monkey mind offers up as truth.

That monkey-mind chatter is pretty darned convincing, though.

And loud? Oh my gosh, so loud.

And seemingly unremitting.

The chatter started up in full force yesterday when I messed up this work in progress which had been sweet and magical … up until it decidedly was not.

Big mistake. Big. Huge

Too bad I didn't think to watch the shopping scene from Pretty Woman yesterday—that video clip would have snapped me right out of the deep funk I fell into!

As it was, even in my pain, which acted as a lightning rod for every single blessed thing that didn't go the way I hoped it would yesterday, I was able to turn a deaf ear to monkey-mind's taunts for just enough moments to know that all was well, no matter the apparent evidence to the contrary.

Soon enough, I found myself at peace again, able to feel the excitement that comes from having a puzzle to solve and a what-if mindset. 

I returned to the spirit that artist Jacqui Beck so well embodies. She follows the ad-lib theater rule, which is, Always say yes. She gives the following example: 

Oh, man …  this black … I just painted so much black over this. 
Yes, I did. 
Now what?

My answer to now what was to set aside Big Mistake, pick up a second start from the same series, and start to play.

work in progress


  1. I really like your flowers Dotty. Laughed at your movie quote :) LOVE what is going on with the WIP, I really think it is done as is. But, I am not the blessed creator. Merely the ever inspired follow alonger :) Enjoy my friend!

    1. Sheila, thanks for your comments and feedback. Not sure what will become of the flowers. That piece presents a major internal inquiry for me—for sure I have to let go of where I WANTED it to go. Now, will I play with it some more? Pitch it? Make alternate use of it?

      The movie clip offered up such a therapeutic laugh. That scene is awesome!

      I, too, LOVE what is going on with the WIP. And could see it as done as is. Almost.

    2. Dotty, remember our adage, less is more. I think the flowers are exactly fine and you're all done!

    3. Joje, my wish is that I had stopped when it WAS less! Thanks for affirming that less is more … I may try to get back at less by doing more, or I may just let go altogether.

  2. Always say Yes.
    I just love that!!!
    I'm going to watch the video that you linked to.

    1. So hard to say yes sometimes, but I know that's the way I want to paint.

      There are two video links and one audio—I think you'd enjoy all three : )

  3. Thanks for ALL the links... that monkey had a LOT to say... but had to really shut him off. Pretty Woman, one of my favorite films. Thanks for the link to Jacqui Beck, her style really reaches to me. Love the little flowers has a kind of naive kindergarten approach. Would make a lovely card! The new one seems to be following it but I am always ready for surprises from Dotty!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the links, Carol! JB's painting process really resonates with me and shines light on how I want to be when I paint (and when I don't paint).

      Thanks for your comments on the paintings above. I'm eager to see where they take me / where I take them.