Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Painting

From Natalie Goldberg again, in Living Color:

I wanted to understand how structure could come from deep within and emerge …  I didn't want to rely on drawing something I saw right before me to create my structure. My psyche was trying to tell me something it couldn't say point-blank: "Stop holding on to what you already know, the old forms, the past. We're moving into new territory. Let go and start moving. We're going someplace else." (p. 124)

Well, it's a new year and off I go into new territory, not for the first time. And, not only am I heading into the still-new territory of letting something emerge from within, but also into Leslie Saeta's Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge January 2017.

I will not actually create a new painting each day, but I will paint and post and participate most days. The rules = paint as often as you can, have fun. That I can do.

This is the 4th such challenge I will have joined. My approach this time is to start with whatever bubbles up on a 16x20" sheet of canvas paper and go from there.

Well, I let go, started moving, and here's what bubbled up. Hell if I know where it came from or where it's goin'—

January 2017 30in30 Challenge, Day 1
16x20"; acrylic on canvas paper

work in progress


  1. This certainly has all the excitement and potential of the new year. Love all the quotes, can't wait to get my copy. Do you know I found her Bones book in Hebrew. Wonder if the art book will be translated? Not for me but a close friend.

    1. Carol, thank you for reflecting back the energy and potential you see in my Day 1 painting. No idea, of course, where today will land me.

      I am quoting Natalie for myself and also for you, to give us hugs as we travel in new terrain!

  2. Spring! Certainly in your step, and now in mine! Thank you Dotty! This makes me think of Renoir's "Dance at the Moulin de la Galette". It has a feeling of joyful gathering, and seems very impressionist to me. Love your beginning Dotty!

    1. Sheila, love that you saw spring in my painting and in my step, and infused you with a little spring in your own step! And how way cool that you thought of Renoir's painting when you saw mine. I am humbly honored. Today, next steps will be coming.

  3. I do love it when something "bubbles up" in your mind, Dotty! This is so energetic and colorful! Your Grandmother's special is that??

    1. Thanks, Laurie. More and more, I am able to enjoy and relax into the 'bubbling up'—I can meet myself where I am. "Oh!" I say. "This is who I am today when I have a brush in my hand and paint nearby."

      Yes, very special to literally be warmed by the hands of my great grandmother.