Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan 2017 30in30, Day 9

Ahead of time, I wasn't sure I was going to take Leslie Saeta's Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days January 2017 Challenge. I'd been overbusy for months, desperate to slow down.

Yadayadayada; you know the self-talk.


the first time I participated in one of the Challenges, in September 2015, I received the unexpected and awesome gift of a few comments from Sheila Delgado.

A huge ol' door opened.

First of all—what fun!—someone across the country noticed and enjoyed my art, and took the time to let me know.

More than once!

She and I struck up a friendship that is still alive and kicking three Challenges down the road (and in between).

Second—duh!—I realized I could comment on the paintings of others.

So I did.

My art life filled with delightful online conversations. I asked questions, received answers, learned a bunch, enjoyed camaraderie in my otherwise almost solitary art practice, subscribed to a few blogs, received support and encouragement, and had a blast.

And every time I take the challenge, those same gifts have been mine for the giving and taking.

As December came nearly to an end I thought, Well, maybe I'll just sign up. I won't obligate myself to painting or posting. I'll just check the blog periodically, see what fellow artists are up to. Maybe make a comment or two.


I signed up.

And—long story short—why would I not participate?

I'm all in.

It's the best.

Speaking of long-stories-short, all of the above is a short-story-long way of saying that one of the artists whose work has caught my eye in the past few days is Jen Wall, and it is a painting of hers that sparked me to take the other 8x10" half of one of my cuts and cover it with torn-tissue collage to create a landscapyish abstract.

January 2017 30in30 Challenge, Day 9
8x10"; acrylic and torn-tissue collage on canvas paper

work in progress


  1. Hey Dotty, this torn tissue paper thing is very cool! It looks like an abstract landscape, and I love the red foreground. Also, I wish I had thought to have my kids send Mr. Rogers a letter....
    I get what you mean about the friendships on 30 in 30! And it doesn't surprise me that Sheila was the first to notice your talent. I believe she is a very thoughtful, generous, and supportive friend.

    1. Torn tissue collage offers up all sorts of cool possibilities, and I like the 'rough edged' nature of it, the imprecision.

      The letters from Mr. Rogers are treasures.

      If it weren't for Sheila, I might not be friends with YOU! She is indeed very thoughtful, generous, and supportive and paves the way for others to follow suit : )

  2. Wowee! So delighted to receive a mention in your blog! And to find out more about you and your art! I absolutely love the synchronicity that brought us together....magical!!!

    1. I could swear I replied … but no evidence here. Do you think there's some cyber equivalent to the United States Postal Service Dead Letter Office? And do you think somewhere there reads all the lost stuff, maybe collaging it eventually into stunning art?

      Yes! and hooray! and high five! to the magic and synchronicity that brought us together! : )

  3. Such a surprise Dotty, to be mentioned in your post today. And then to read Laurie's comment and your reply... how am I going to paint when I am all teary eyed?! LOL.
    You are such an inspiration to me - everyday. a) because you manage to create daily, b) because you never give up on a piece, c) you have the chutzpah to tear or cut your hard work up, in the name of creating more art. Let's see what else.
    The joy that I find in your work, the effortless sharing of process and thoughts. You inspire me in all that you do Dotty! So glad you are in the challenge, so happy we have become friends!! (Did I really introduce you to Laurie? Fun to hear. as far as I am concerned, everyone should know Laurie and her work!!) :)
    Love your work today. Love the soft light, the stoney strength. Love the bits of red and orange floating up. Wonderful depth as well. Looking forward to your tomorrow's creation :)

    1. Pure and simple, you were a game changer in the early days of my making art, and you remain an almost daily source of encouragement, support, AND a (not quite daily) source of art for me to explore in turn and model for treading bravely and telling all the bits along the way.

      I had fun adding torn-tissue to this WIP. It was a day of near-effortless creating, with pleasing results. Woo hoo!

    2. I am honored Dotty. Thank you :)
      Woo hoo! For you. What a joy that is when it seems to create itself. Wishing you the same for tomorrow :)

    3. you girls have ME in tears. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the link to Jen Wall, amazing art. Tissue paper, am working, in my workshop, on a piece with tissue paper. Had an odd piece from some wrapping that I blotted paint on, can't seem to find any in stores so far. Second, Sheila has been a rock in my creative art as well, so supporting and giving.
    Now to your piece with is beside me in a separate window is wonderful. Love the split of the lights and dark, the variations of the color fields and the depth. Kol ha kovod!!!

    1. Good grief, did I not reply to this message? Or is this one of the ones that mysteriously lost themselves recently after I posted? In any case, thank you for your feedback re the split of lights and darks, the variations of color fields and depths. Loved this pass with this piece—it spoke to me and I responded, with flow and ease. As you know, that is not always the case!

      Laughing at your mention of having "an odd piece from some wrapping." For years (remind me to tell you about my artwarmers business some day) it has been my practice to hang onto found objects and materials for future use. I have a bin (maybe 12x12x16") FILLED with odd bits (sheets actually) of tissue from wrapping (not one bit of it purchased by me), sorted by color. I could collage with it for decades!

      Sheila is indeed a rock—and a smile, and a warm arm around the shoulder.

  5. Dotty, truer words never spoken! I LOVE our connectedness and appreciate the artistic differences too. And now that we are blog sisters, we don't need to wait for the next challenge to get us in touch again. Hugs xxx

    1. Thank goodness we've sorted out our cyber situation—though any computer literacy I proudly think I have tends to be quickly followed by a fall, and humble pie for dinner! Nonetheless, I'm hopeful that we can stay in touch regularly now : )

  6. Now that you mention it..I think I might have met Sheila through the challenge, also. Two or three years ago, maybe? I can't remember for'll have to ask her, but yes..what a wonderful way this is for us to all connect.

    Also, I love how Jen's work inspired you to make this abstract painting. I recently noticed her work through Artfinder, and just started reading her blog. She's a great artist!

    1. Grand fun to have this wonderful community for sure!

  7. Hi Dotty!
    So happy that you entered the 30paintings challenge!!!
    I am in awe that after all the busy-ness of the last months you already are in for the next challenge!


    1. Simone, I hope you're laughing with me at my craziness of entering the busy-ness of the 30paintings challenge! However, probably in the way that your upcoming exhibit is focusing your current painting, the 30paintings challenge is focusing mine, and I'm grateful for the 'structure.'