Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2017 30in30, Day 2

I adventure as follows:

• cut yesterday's 16x20" start in half, 

• take the top 10x16" half and drip/splatter black ink on it,

• let that dry,

• rotate the paper to portrait orientation and paint a 'land mass' across the lower third or so with transparent green gold acrylic,

• mix up some opaque titanium white, some glazing liquid, and a touch of opaque bright aqua green,

• use a palette knife to spread the mix over areas of the painting, rotating my paper repeatedly.

I enjoy the not knowing.

I like the textural energy that emerges.

Here's who I am today.

January 2017 30in30 Challenge, Day 2
10x16"; acrylic and ink on canvas paper

work in progress


  1. Love the little black dots and the texture of the type... on a journey with Dotty! Fun!

    1. Sheila, thanks. Definitely a journey : )

      I found a few black dots on my purple crocs, too!

  2. I was away all yesterday, babysitting duty. I am always amazed at your adventurous spirit. That white pulls it all together. Haven't tried ink or drips.

    1. Makes me laugh to hear you refer to my adventurous spirit. I guess I do have adventure in me but I don't know that I'd think to enumerate adventurousness as a character trait if someone asked me to describe myself. Thank you for the affirmation.

    2. I copied your spirit in class today on a piece that just wasn't coming together. I will photograph and post not in the 30 x 30. Got the approval stamp!!!

    3. Woo hoo—can't wait to see! This is making me smile b/c YOU were MY inspiration in the studio today, and you'll see when I post later today!

  3. You are adventurous, bold and brilliant at explanations too!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Gillian. It's great to be back in touch : )