Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 2017 30in30, Day 19

I leave off yesterday with All very unpredictable. All unplanned. All very satisfying.

I chop my 5x8" in two, take one half, and drip some acrylic glazing medium down its length, thinking it will create texture but not add color …

… hahahahahahahahaha!

The glazing medium reacts to what's already on the page, and colors in an underlayer rise up to the surface and dominate. And the medium barely any creates texture. What the heck?

What happened to All very satisfying?

I growl for a moment, but then genuine laughter bubbles up.

It's all just call and response, call and response.

I dive back in. Where will this lead?

It leads to a piece of gauze from some long-forgotten doctor appointment and takes off from there.

today's starting point

colors change in response to glazing medium;
I add gauze

Scratch My Back
4x5"; acrylic, ink, and gauze on canvas paper

closeup from Scratch My Back


  1. Well.....

    This is stunning. You have a really good one here.
    Your post makes me laugh, we seem to be paralleling each other's journeys.

    1. Marion, thanks for your appreciative feedback.

      And I'm glad for the parallel journeys : )

  2. Ha - you are fearless Dotty. Your finished painting has lovely texture and colour. I especially like the 'black' and magenta spots you added - they draw my eye and really pop against some of the more neutral areas. What will your day 20 offer....can't wait!

    I am not that great with the technical side of Blogger - but I will see if I can figure what I need to do at my end to get connected!

    1. Janet, thanks so much for your feedback. As this piece evolved my attention was on texture, color, and finding ways to create eye-catching pops of color using neutrals and black as contrast. Ta da!

  3. Dotty, you rocked it again! Love the texture and the pops of pink and black. This is like a fine tapestry, I don't know where to look first! And I want to see every detail close up. Wonderful work Dotty!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. The way I've approached this 30in30 has been such a gift of exploration to myself. Grand adventure.

  4. It is nice that those experiments learn a lot about how the materials react. Glazing medium = influence on underlying colours. Check.
    I guess that is how we learn, to get to know the materials and the paint really well. I recently took a cloth to wipe way some fluid acrylics, and then beautiful lighter spots appeared. I would never have read that in any manual. You just learn it by accident.

    I love how you are experimenting. Does the 30-days-journey work good for you (after all the JD-busy-ness?). You seem very joyful and in the flow. Great!

    1. I do love hands-on learning, and I tend to favor self-directed learning, so my studio is definitely a place where I do a whole bunch of learning and growing!

      The current 30-days-journey has been especially joyful and in the flow for me. I love the camaraderie—being "in it" together, seeing so much art, seeing a progression of art from the same artists day after day, having ongoing conversations and feedback, and sharing information and process. Additionally, this time, quite by chance, I set myself up with a 'theme' (or maybe it's an inquiry) and that has been wonderful. I feel much less stressed than I did by the intensity of the online class we took in the fall (and the level of deep involvement I chose), but (1) I am now using many things I learned from my class in the fall which is lovely and (2) the 30-days-journey does keep me VERY busy which is sometimes hard to manage. Thanks for asking.

  5. I love it Gauze really adds. Wow how the meduim changes the color. Love the blues.

    1. Not sure what made me think of gauze, and I have to laugh that I could even find any in the house but sure enough it was right in the linen closet on a little lazy susan with other such stuff, in a tiny little manilla envelope from someone's visit to some doctor some time or other! The medium really went to town here, didn't it? I love the blues, too.