Saturday, December 10, 2016

Real Time!

Ta da! I am back to painting and posting in real time after being off stride for several weeks.

Today I grabbed another piece of a start from a couple of weeks ago—

see bottom left 1/9th

and lost myself in the happy pleasures of finishing it into a postcard. Added ink, stamped some circles using the end of an earplug, glued on and embellished bits of collage, brightened some color with oil pastel, and applied acrylic with a brush.

Very relaxing.


Sunny Saturday
4x5", acrylic, ink, collage, and pastels on drawing paper, mounted on stock


  1. Your blog each day gives me my morning treat with my first cup of coffee. What has Dotty been up to while I slept? Never disappointing.
    Love how you go into the frame. Bright colors!!! Brighten my day.. Looks like rain today.... Do you finish the back side of the postcard by hand?

    1. Carol, so delighted to hear that my blog each day gives you your morning treat with your first cup of coffee—my painting experience is largely one of solitude, and I'm very grateful to have your company and a bit of art conversation nearly every day : )

      It's been fun to go into the "frames" on my recent postcards. For ages I painted directly onto the manila stock when I made my cards, but recently I've been using bits and pieces of other work that are smaller than the postcard size and need some kind of border, and that has led to my playing with the borders.

      To answer your question, my postcards are cut from 5x8 manila stock index file divider cards (with tabs). I trim off the tabs, cut the cards in half. On one side I paint. On the other I write message to my dad, address it, affix a stamp, and send each one on its way. I send one about every five days. He saves them all in a tidy (pretty tall!) stack on a little table in his home.

  2. I love "Sunny Saturday. " Again the word HAPPY jumps to mind. 😊

    1. Thanks, Joje! I almost named it HAPPY SATURDAY—I was happy and during all stages of this little postcard.

  3. I see your work last thing before bed. I "try" to leave it unopened, so I can have a surprise in the morning. But that almost never happens, because I can't wait to see what you have created!
    I love the subtle texture in the border. The way you have "gone out of the lines". I really love the collaged bits, They are perfect mini master pieces on their own! Love the orange explosions, and the circles.. they make me think of chocolate drops. (looking down on the from above). The yellow, green, blues, vivid fuchsia... Happy is in every square nanometer! LOL

    1. I totally hear you about not waiting—I see your work first thing in the morning and often tell myself to do x, y, or z first. Doesn't happen!

      Thanks for all your feedback. The subtle texture in the border came both from original brushstrokes and then their getting emphasized after I sprayed fixative on the card.

      I had fun going out of the lines.

      Laughed when you mentioned the collaged bits b/c, when I opened my blog to reply to you and before I read what your wrote, they had caught my attention and I was glad all over again that I thought to incorporate them.

  4. It is sooo good to hear that you are in real time again!