Friday, December 16, 2016

Enjoying Joy

Every now and then, shining light into the darkness of this time of year, moments of happy engagement and simple joy infuse me. Such was the case as I took this nondescript piece of a black and white study I'd done back in September and transformed it into a coupon that will be a holiday gift.

I started here:

Chopped it to an even smaller size.

Scribbled with pens, paint markers, and an ink applicator, just following impulse.

Affixed it to a piece of black card stock.

Ended here:

Christmas Coupon
4x5", acrylic and ink on drawing paper, mounted on manila stock

Stepped back to see a snowy, bare-branched, leafless-vined abstract landscape of sorts.

The best part?—I traveled outside my head and into my heart while creating. Joy to the world!


  1. All the boys and girls now! Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, JOY to you and me!
    This is wonderful Dotty! No doubt the recipient will be bursting with joy!

    1. You've got me singing!

      Recipient is delighted—Dave and I will make good on the coupon in January.

  2. Wonderful gift! I actually loved the original,so simple and strong image! What will other section become?

    1. Fun gift, and fun coupon to make! Also fun to hear that you loved the untransformed original! It's been interesting of late to move back and forth between small pieces on paper and the 30/30" canvas I have in process. I really enjoy being able to discover/create compositions by cutting paper paintings into smaller sizes and then completing them; working to come up with a composition on a large canvas is a whole different kettle of fish, I have to say.

    2. I am thinking of using cut-ups for the Jan 30 x 30. Will you be taking part?

    3. I'm undecided about the Jan 30 in 30.