Saturday, December 3, 2016

Avoiding the Bends

I am still rising up to the surface in the aftermath of the total immersion of my recent Jane Davies interactive online class. Just googled how to avoid the 'bends'—

To minimize your risk of decompression sickness while diving: Dive and rise slowly in the water, and don't stay at your deepest depth longer than recommended. Scuba divers typically use dive tables that show how long they can remain at a given depth. Don't drink alcohol before diving.

Good news: I didn't drink alcohol before diving!

That said, I didn't use a dive table either, and I may have overstayed my time at my deepest depth.

But, I am taking great care to rise slowly.

Today I spent just a few minutes in my studio, utterly content, respecting my own inner voice as to what I might paint and how long I might do so.

I'd started a piece maybe three days ago. Today, I added more color by dabbing paint with my finger and scribing some free-form circles with Neocolor II wax pastels. After that, I threw in some big fat orbs using a paint marker. Then, I made some passes with neutral paint on my brush.

Just right and just enough for today.

An excerpt:

work in progress: a snippet
acrylic, pencil, and wax pastels on drawing paper


  1. First I want to say that I love your talent for words and expression. I am always at a loss for words to describe what I feel or see. That said I love your new approach, and it looks like you've taken out of the course the maximum. This excerpt shows the freshness and sponteneity. Rise up and SING!!!

    1. Carol, thanks for your kind words about MY words! I do love the art of language. I totally had fun rising up and singing to paint this free-form expression of myself with supplies in my studio.

  2. :o Love this snappy, happy snippet!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. I am happy snappy snippy to have no assignments at hand!