Thursday, November 10, 2016


The exploration continues—create a piece that is mostly monochrome, with only 10-20% Something Else. Make at least one piece change significantly from start to finish.

I begin with collage, pattern, shape, texture, and scribbles. I use ink, graphite, and pastels.

Mostly Monochrome—start #4
Then I step back.

I identify a few areas of visual interest that could become my Something Else and circumscribe them with pencil. I decide to go with purples for my Mostly Monochrome—varying hue, value, and saturation.

I use pastels to jazz up the busy areas and to link them all in a chain of dots.

I step back again.

Oh. Seems like my Something Else is claiming more than its fair share of real estate, especially since the eye is invited to travel across the entire width of the page.


Mostly Monochrome—false finish #4

SO hard to go in and cover up stuff that I like.

But, that's the job that needs doing, so I do it.

And live to tell the tale.

I add subtle texture to the Mostly Monochrome with light tone-on-tone stenciling (photograph not showing that subtlety) and pull back the color in some areas with rubbing alcohol.


Mostly Monochrome #4


  1. I like the beginning, middle and end. So hard for me to see the middle restrained. High five for carrying on Dotty!

    1. Glad that you can appreciate the pain of restraining! I'm grateful for the lesson demands' pushing me past where I'd go on my own, to discover—in my OWN art—the beauty/gifts in obscuring! Good thing, 'cause I have to do some more today!

    2. Have fun Dotty! I am so looking forward to seeing your explorations :)

  2. What an interesting challenge. Got to thinking what I would cover!!!
    Really loved those little ball on the top left. So many options. Really love how the collage pieces claim their space.

    1. The lessons really do impart lessons! There were so many bits I didn't want to cover, but I did, and I like the discoveries that come with that.

  3. Hi Dotty!
    So nice to see these pieces again!

    I am far behind with Jane's lesson (with everything actually), have not even read lesson 10....


    1. Thanks, Simone. I'm behind with so many things, too. I got my car inspected weeks ago, but the paper work still sits on the passenger seat. It would take maybe 20 seconds to put it away but I'm moving so fast from one thing to another I can't stop to do the job. That is just ONE example! I AM working on Lesson 10, though, drumming up my last little bits of energy to finish the workshop. I am ready to be done.