Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stepping Out

When I step into family camp, I step completely out of my everyday life at home. Different world altogether.

I step out of my usual art life at home, too.

I've been feeling my way with new materials/supplies. Today I stepped out of being kinda stuck in thinking, and stepped into painting from feeling with one piece (the second one below)—yay!

Painted again with Jane. So awesome to paint together and ask each other questions and explore thoughts about painting problems.

Lighting for taking photos was terrible but whatcha gonna do?

playing with texture (matte medium and pastel paper) and wax and oil pastels
playing with black and white, graphite crayon, ink, charcoal, and chalk pastel on textured paper


  1. Great to paint outside, and great to paint together (never done that. Must be fun!)

    1. Aside from my first weekend of painting ever, in May 2014, I haven't painted with others either. Really wonderful to do so with Jane.