Monday, August 1, 2016

Solid as a Rock

I love that even though a solid is a state of matter that has fixed shape and volume, its molecules don't sit still. They aren't fixed. They move around, do themselves some groovin'.

I slept well last night, for about eight hours. In those eight hours—those thousands of years—particles settled in layers, weight multiplied, fixed shape and volume compressed into being.

Today: solid rock … dancing a quiet little molecular dance.

Stoned Soul Picnic
7.25x7.25", acrylic and tissue collage on canvas paper


  1. Zoomed way in, and got lost in the texture and crevices. Love the title too... sounds like a classic 70's song!

    1. Sheila, loved your comment. My painting experience was just that: zooming way in and getting lost in the texture and crevices. The title: stone(d) for rock, soul for what lies beneath the visible surface, picnic for those molecules having fun!