Friday, August 5, 2016


Today, a see-saw. At one end: thought-full Ideas about focal point, contrast, variation, color theory. At the other end: thought-less Intuition.

First, Ideas lift up.

Then, Intuition rises skyward.

One up, the other up.

When one scooches forward, the other leans back, re-establishes balance. They partner up and get in a rhythm.

Then, the swings catch Ideas' attention.

Intuition lands with a jarring bump, rattling her tailbone!

Resilient, she dusts herself off and plays on her own for awhile.

work in progress—developing composition
work in progress—varying line width


  1. Sort of see a bird in the bottom image....

    1. A bird! Who knew?! Love the idea of bird energy informing this painting.