Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rainy Day Rivulets

Sweet steady rain a few days ago after weeks of no rain. Rivulets streaming down roofs, along streets, through gardens. Rivulets just going where gravity took them.

I approach my canvas, with its black and white start, holding lightly the notion of black and white. Then search for my tube of heavy body Parchment—Parchment is white, right? Squeeze directly onto the canvas. Pick up a brayer and move the paint around.

Next, rotate my canvas and give my nondominant hand a chance to scribble some organic shapes with black, white, and olive green oil pastels. Cover the whole shebang with glazing medium as a fixative.

Pick up a brush, but put it down. Grab a paint knife instead.

Rotate my canvas three or four times and get some bonafide black going.

Or maybe it's Payne's Gray.

Totally having fun with this.

Suddenly, triangles.


Like the rivulets, just going where gravity takes me.


  1. The triangles just do the trick, Dotty! I can picture your approach to your canvas just by your description! And I like parchment. And also unbleached titanium. They lighten nicely while giving a different look than white. Same with Naples yellow. Anyways, I love this end result! It has Dotty written all over it!

    1. Laurie, thanks for your enthusiasm and input and information. This piece is on a continuing journey … and is actually kinda stuck at the moment. But maybe that'll change after I spend time in my studio today. Then again, maybe not!