Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Plein Air, So to Speak

Knowing I'm at camp this week, my friend Bo thought to share these sweet words written by Walt Whitman:

Now I know the secret of making
the best persons;
It is to grow in the open air
and to eat and sleep with the earth.

I am growing in the open air. Nothing better.

I brought no paints to camp, just pens, pencils, pastels, and pastel paper. I don't know much about using pastels, and even less about using them on pastel paper—good thing there's plenty of open air in which to grow.

This morning—total fun!—I got to grow side by side with my camp friend Jane, each of us with a self-assembled travel art kit. LOVED painting with her.

Jane's sketch, looking down the hill
ink and watercolor pencil

Dotty's sketch, looking down the hill
ink, pastel pencil, and oil pastel

Dotty's sketch, looking up the hill
charcoal crayon and pastels


  1. How fun that you also today used pastel!
    Isn't it fun stuff?
    I used to not like it so much (so dusty and fluffy), but today I discovered the charm of them again.

    I love your sketches!


    1. Awesome that we both used pastels today! I'm finding it very different to use pastels only, and to use them on the textured paper I brought with me to camp vs. use them in conjunction with acrylic painting. Thanks for your comments!