Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fiddle Faddle

Slow going with this painting but, bit by bit, baby steps and attentive pauses led me along.

Eventually, the painting let me know what it wanted.

It wanted lines to divide the space into various planes. It wanted me to discover the way the texture of the canvas board creates a subtle scumble when I use wax pastels. It wanted me to sit on a glorious summer morning—temperate dry air on my skin, sun bright in the deep blue sky—to fiddle faddle happily with my pen collection, retracing and sharpening lines.

We grew a friendship, this painting and I.

Winola Pears
11x14", acrylic, ink, and pastel on canvas board


  1. Mapmaking and following the path unknown. should I follow the riverbed or check out the view from the hill top? Wondering what is around the bend...

    1. Always wondering what's around the bend, aren't we?! Love your allusions here to topographical map-following; good metaphor for creativity in general.