Friday, October 2, 2015

Tending the Fall Garden

With Dave's Garden, Equinox I experimented with painting water on my gessobord first, then letting paint drip into the water and run where it would. I returned to the canvas later to paint onto that backdrop. When I stopped for the day, the study ended up feeling crowded. Colors and values were at odds with each other.

Went back to the garden to do some cleaning up and overall tending on a different day.

Decided to try warming up the green. Tried to brighten up the flowers so they'd pop to the foreground. Played simultaneously with a second canvas and a different interpretation of the same scene. Had fun and got into enjoyable flow moving back and forth between the two.

The garden feels a little less contrary now. Yay!

Still, something about both paintings brings plastic tablecloths to mind!

Here's take #2.

Equinox Tablecoth
6x6", acrylic on gessobord


  1. Love the tongue-in-cheek title, the colors and the three dimensional look of the flowers. Wish I had colors like that going on in MY garden.

    1. Smiling at your enjoyment of the tongue-in-cheek title. Thanks for your nod at the three-dimensional look of the flowers. Maybe I can start shellacking my paintings and folks can stick them in their gardens!

  2. Laughing re: plastic tablecloth!

    1. Laughing re: your laughing! A bright spot in an otherwise very very gray day here in New England.

  3. No plastic tablecloths here! I love the colors...!

  4. Thanks, Laurie! Always happy to hear that I'm pleasing eyes beyond my own : )

    Be watching in the next few weeks when I'll be posting some of the values exercises I've been playing with following your welcome wonderful suggestions.

  5. Sheila, thanks! I've had a long day wrestling with one thing and another, and your simple message of pretty and joyful makes me feel pretty danged joyful!