Friday, October 9, 2015

Humming a Tune

Brookside School. Second grade. Music class. We learned to sing The Happy Wanderer:

I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track …

You may already be belting out the chorus:

Val-deri, val-dera,
Val-dera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha …

With Gwenda Waterink as my muse once again, I went wandering a few days ago. My rules of engagement: use only leftover paint already on my stay-wet palette; mix media; see what happens.


Gwenda recently posted the photographic story of one of her paintings. She wrote, of her creative adventures, you have to get yourself in trouble, and paint your way out of it. 

Painted myself into plenty of trouble. Had fun painting my way out.

Inner Terrain
9x9", acrylic, pen, and oil pastels on canvas paper


  1. Trouble?? This is so pretty! Happy! Fun!

  2. Yes, trouble! You know the drill—looks fabulous/compelling/visually interesting until you add a particular color or brush stroke and suddenly you've got a painting problem to solve! The process of finding my way out of painting problems with "Inner Terrain" was fascinating. I loved the engagement and love where I found myself at the end. I currently have it as my laptop wallpaper, where my eyes get to repeatedly explore the interplay of paint, pen, and pastels.

  3. The painting fits with the song. I find I usually have a song in mind when I'm painting. I think it can really influence the mood! I love it!
    Also, your sister's card reminds me so much of a beautiful stained glass window. You are having (and sharing) FUN! That's obvious, and that's very cool!

  4. Laurie, great to hear from you. Thanks for your comments and your affirmation of the fun I'm having poking around in all kinds of art. The particular fun of "Inner Terrain" and "Big Birthday" was opening myself to expressing whatever bubbled up from within rather than painting from a reference. What are you up to these days?

  5. Hi Dotty! Finally I'm sitting behind my computer and commenting on your beautiful paintings!

    I mean both your wonderful colourful landscapes & other work. And also your new experiments in paint!

    It is so nice that you are trying out new things, exploring new territory. And so wonderful how we can inspire each other in doing so!

    When I say 'get yourself in trouble', or 'painting problem' and I read it back, it seems maybe a bit 'troubled' and 'serious' and 'difficult'. As if painting is a difficult process, a difficult task that you have to finish.

    What I mean (and I know you understand) is not te be afraid to take the wrong turn, and always trust that the road is under your feet.

    Just playing around, not being so serious about 'Making Beautiful Art'. But instead, take the rist to 'spoile' things, and seeing that sometimes things turn out even better! Or not.

    I think experimenting and entering new territory is not contrary to the beautiful work you already were making. They will reinforce each other!

    The fact that you paint (almost?) daily, is wonderful. It inspires me so much.

    Dotty, have a wonderful holiday,
    I am really grateful for your support and enthousiasm.

    Simone Gwenda

    1. Simone, thanks for your comments. I appreciate your taking the time to look at my paintings, and I appreciate your enthusiasm for my trying out new things and exploring new territory. The back-and-forth inspiring of each other is magnificent!

      I thought of you this morning when I sat with my two granddaughters to play with some of their art materials. Take a look at my post tomorrow. It was inspired by (a) you—I would never have thought to do the painting if I hadn't discovered your work in September, (b) my granddaughters—went with orange because of them, and (c) a fascinating article about mathematics education—it spoke so much to my experience with painting.

      I totally get what you mean by 'get yourself in trouble' and 'painting problem'—you are speaking to the heart and fun and stimulation of creative adventures. I, for one, can never get too many reminders/invitations to not be afraid to take a wrong turn. I am grateful for the reminder, grateful for the encouragement, grateful to be supported as I plunge ahead.

      Thanks, also, for your reminder that whatever approaches I take, they will all reinforce each other.


    2. Hi Dotty,

      I'm looking to your new adventures, and also looking forward to see more of what you already did! (And who knows what comes from all of that!)

      At least a lot of fun painting ;-)

      bye bye,

    3. Hi Simone, thanks for stopping by. Always lots of fun painting!