Sunday, September 20, 2015


What I'm thinking about today is style. Went to my studio wanting to paint in the style of Alyssa Watters.

Cape Path, Alyssa Watters

Her big impressionistic brush strokes capture my attention again and again. When I look at her work I think loose, bold, fun! I have three of her birds framed and hanging in my home.

I took In the Wake, from yesterday, and treated it as a sketch today, an underpainting. I went in on top with quicker strokes and more paint on my brush than in my first go-around. For a few moments, with the blue of the sky and at other points in the journey, I had loose-bold-fun! flowing from my hand. But I got off track. Could feel tight-fussy-trying pushing its weight around.

Think I'll play with this again tomorrow. The thing I keep coming back to is How will I learn to load my brush with more paint except by loading my brush with more paint? How will I learn to make big bold unfussy brushstrokes except my making big bold unfussy brush strokes? 

In the Wake, Thinking about Watters, a study
6x6", acrylic on canvas board
[not for sale]


  1. Your musings are such a great accompaniment to your paintings!

  2. Thanks, Joany. My writing often leads me to discoveries about my painting and thinking—very helpful. I'm glad they appeal to readers other than myself as well!

  3. Good job, Dotty! You are getting so much out of the sunset series. How far are you from Harvard, MA? There's a great place to paint the sunset live just outside of the Fruitlands Museum grounds. And you can do it from the back of your car. Want to try it with me some time?

  4. Bobbi, thanks so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement. I can't tell you how valuable it is to get input such as what you offered. I carry this sunset series in my mind as a struggle; I remember what I had in mind and feel frustrated by where I missed the mark. You, on the other hand, see that I got so much out of the sunset series—which I did, if I could just remember that the cup is half full, or better! I'm about an hour from Fruitlands Museum grounds. Sure, would love to try some tailgate sunset painting with you some time!

    1. Excellent, Dottie, I'll contact you when I get back to MA.