Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nowhere on My Radar

Painting this little scene was nowhere on my radar when I woke up. Nowhere.

Poked my nose into this week's challenge at Daily Paintworks: Can you find an odd shaped shadow and make it the center of interest in your painting?

No idea, but what the heck? I'm game.

Lush groupings of giant dahlias grace various locations in our gardens. With camera in hand and the shadow challenge in mind, I noticed how one of those sizable aggregations shaded our driveway. Snap!

Instant abstraction. Engaging challenge. Monochromatic montage.

Had to laugh that the pesky chipmunks who tunnel under our driveway indirectly provided some visual interest for my painting in the form of patched cracks—first time I've ever appreciated their handiwork!

Had to smile that a few dahlia petals had dropped into my scene as well, giving me a bonafide pop of color.

Driveway Dahlias
6x6", acrylic on gessobord


  1. What an interesting challenge, and fabulous outcome! Wow!!

  2. Isn't it the craziest? I love that I found that challenge and it sparked me to paint something that might otherwise never have occurred to me. Of particular interest to me was the crack in the driveway; it seemed so ridiculous to include it but I couldn't leave it out and I loved what it added to the composition.

  3. Very interesting, and I love what you did with it. Those little pops of color are just perfect, and the crack just makes it! Lovely balance of shapes :)

  4. Sheila, thanks once again for commenting. I so appreciate the feedback on my creative experiments. I did actually make a conscious effort to balance the prevailing shapes (which is not always the case!), so I'm particularly happy to have you give them an affirmative nod!