Monday, September 21, 2015

Enough Already!

Let me just start by saying that my granddaughter Emmy! was born with an exclamation point after her name.

I had the fun of watching her draw pictures at a picnic table outside Hobby Nook at Takodah in August one evening after dinner. She grabbed a marker, turned to her older sister Caroline, said, "How do you make a horse?", didn't wait for or receive a reply, and proceeded to draw five or six horses.

I invoked Emmy!'s forge-ahead spirit today. Gessoed over In the Wake, Thinking about Watters which was already painted on top of In the Wake, Long Lake; turned my canvas upside down; didn't wait for or receive divine guidance; proceeded to paint; enjoyed working quickly; put away my paints in less than half an hour. Done.

I like some touches, don't like others, same as with the first two versions.

Discoveries over the course of these three studies:

1. I know for sure the sunset in Maine was most spectacular live, and I think it is more spectacular as a photo than as painted by me.

2. I didn't ever find a solid center from which to paint this scene. My hand, I suspect, took direction from loud chatter in my head, unable to tap into a quiet place in my heart.

And so … I really am done.

postscript discovery:

3. A week after painting my three versions of In the Wake and drafting this post, I find myself far more delighted by each of these paintings than I was at the time.

In the Wake, Emmy!
6x6", acrylic on canvas board


  1. I literally laughed out loud at the Emmy (Emmy!) story. That is so her. Had a thought about how you might be able to free some of the tightness/fussiness you're talking about, based on some of my current life practices, and inspired by a Kitchen Table Wisdom story ... next time we chat I can share if you're interested :)

  2. I knew you'd love the Emmy! story (who wouldn't?). She is one of my (art) heros.

    Yes, let's talk Kitchen Table Wisdom! Thank you!