Friday, September 18, 2015

At Cross Purposes

Started to my studio about a week ago with an idea in mind. An idea, as it turns out, needing a fair amount of drawing first. Drawing took time and attention to detail that felt at cross purposes with my need for a feeling of spaciousness.

Set the drawing aside for a different day.

Picked up a new canvas. Blocked in basic shapes. Painted quickly and from feeling.

Felt spacious.

So spacious, in fact, that I "came to" with a start when I remembered it was the day I'd meet with my first tutorial student of the academic year.

I anticipate a year of needing to develop a deep and active practice of finding spaciousness and balance as I move between my study (top of the stairs, turn right) and my studio (top of the stairs, turn left).

Criss-Cross Applesauce
6x6", acrylic on gessobord


  1. AMAZING!!! I honestly had to examine it more than once to see if it was a photograph or not. Have I told you lately that I love your prose as much as your paintings?

  2. Joany, thanks once again for your comments. Such lovely encouragement for me, just the fuel I need when I'm wrestling to find a solution to a painting problem. I also so appreciate your commenting on my writing as well, a part of blogging that I thoroughly enjoy. The writing has become an integral and welcome part of my painting process.

  3. PS - I forgot to say I loved the title of it!

  4. Thanks! I do enjoy titling both my blog entries and my paintings. As with painting, part of the fun when writing is making discoveries and finding connections that I couldn't have anticipated in advance. I pick up my paintbrush or put my hands on my keyboard, and then I see where I go!

  5. Love the title, and your textures are awesome. I have been at a loss for names this challenge. ;-/ lol

  6. Thanks for your feedback, Sheila. On a day when I was wanting to paint with ease and pleasure, this little sketch came together quickly and satisfyingly. With no undue effort my brush went in and created that striated birch bark texture thing 1-2-3.

    I love naming paintings—feel free to run one past me any time you want!