Monday, September 7, 2015

An Island in the Afternoon

In the afternoon
there is an island
of an hour or two,
an extra day in the day.

     —Michael Cadnum, Breaking the Fall

Yes! Reveled in an extra day in the day early yesterday afternoon!

Went to my studio barefoot, opened the window wide to the delicious late summer air, picked up a brush, mixed a color, painted from a place of peace and vacation within me.

The struggles I'd been having with ideas about how I might paint Cabin C fell away. Took playful liberties with color, played with more brushes than usual, and dipped into the playground of gesture vs photographic realism.

Now I'm going to curl up on my bunk in Cabin C for siesta.

I Want to Stay at Takodah
6x6", acrylic on canvas board


  1. I LOVE cabin C! How was your siesta?

  2. Drooled on my pillow! Gotta love a fresh air nap in the summer.

    Want to join me? Just find your way to Cabin C—you know what it looks like!

  3. The lower bunk will work great for me. See you soon!

  4. The rules for siesta: stay on your bunk, read, write, or snooze. Works for me.

  5. Thank Michael for the photo!

    Have to say, I'd set the painting aside in a heartbeat for the chance to call Cabin C home with y'all for a few more days.