Wednesday, July 19, 2017



From this

to this?

work in progress;
working title: inner july landscape
Didn't see that coming.

I plan to cut in half.

Then, what next?


  1. Now that's what I call cutting! I didn't see that coming either. Did you make a new start to put the collage pieces? Seems to me an explosion! Your ideas floating in open spaces.

    1. Carol, love the idea of an explosion, of my ideas floating in open spaces! Yes!!!

      Process: I took my painting as depicted at the top, cut some random quadrilaterals from painters tape, and stuck them on the painting. Then I painted blues and fuchsias over the top of the entire piece, eventually pulling off the tape pieces thereby exposing the underlayer.

      You may have perceived that I painted a new start in blues and fuschias, and then cut the original painting into random quadrilaterals, collaging those quadrilaterals to the blue background. Nope!

      In any case, this painting has changed significantly since its start way back in May. And, perhaps I have changed as well : )

  2. Whoa! Wow! You really turn on a dime! I love what is happening in the background. All those wonderful cracks and crevices! Awesome!

    1. Laughing with you, Sheila, about my turning on a dime. What a crazy ride painting can be!

      The 'cracks and crevices' are courtesy of earlier wrinkly collage layers; the wrinkles stand in relief relative to the original substrate, and they catch more paint as my brush moves across them. I'm always happy when an earlier layer doesn't get completely lost when I turn on a dime : )

  3. I love the blues and fuchsia. I didn't see that coming, either!

    1. Thanks, Joje. All of a sudden I got a hankering for those colors, so off I went with them. Glad my hankering ended up pleasing your eye, too. : )