Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sultry Summer Day

Low languid overcast sky, humidity high enough to wring out with my hands, driveway so hot it blisters my bare feet, not a breath of air moving through the screen door.

Not a Breath of Air
4 x 5"; acrylic, ink, and pastels on manila stock


  1. Hot, muggy, no air, I can certainly relate to that. Best remedy is jump into the pool, all just floats away. Love that touch of light turquoise into the monochromatic mix. Lots of half hidden imagery.

    1. Nightly beach walks and picnics go a long way to offset current weather conditions. So grateful to be just minutes from the Atlantic.

      Isn't that pale blue fun? I love how the overall feel of the piece stays monochromatic, but the blue offers up hints of other possibilities.

  2. Traffic, congestion, hot cement. Ughh, I feel sticky! I love that slight hint of color, the grid pattern, the "50" shades of grey. LOL.
    In my mind, I am riding in the car with my Dad. Windows rolled down, and radio on. Sounds of the Doobies, and the Eagles (the 70's). On our way to get a watermelon and some ice! LOL

    1. A gift to hear your responses, Sheila. The slight hint of blue pulls me in every time, and the grid pattern comes from my trusty piece of dry wall mesh tape.

      Don't drip that watermelon all over your white shorts!