Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Post Card and Powder Post

My attention today has scattered itself every which way. Two of those ways:

1. I painted up a postcard to send to my dad. Took a surprisingly long time, with a number of unexpected challenges, to create something that spoke of simplicity and offered up some quiet space.

Those Hours Spent Alone in the Quiet
4x5"; acrylic, ink, and pencil on paper, mounted on manila stock

2. I seem to have powder post beetles boring holes in the wood frame (professional custom framing, no less) showcasing a painting of mine. And that is all I have to say about that.

pile of powdered wood 


  1. sometimes the simplest are the hardest. Card within a card. Has a lovely calmness about it.

    1. The card-within-a-card grew from my having the smaller piece leftover from my Jane Davies class and then needing it to be larger and sturdier to go through the mail. Glad to hear that you perceived a lovely calmness about this postcard.

  2. Love this Dotty. Soothing. Brought back memories of walking in the park with my boyfriend in high school. I was shooting photos for class. Hadn't thought about THAT in years. LOL. I love how the frames are slightly out of wack. Almost make the center look like a close up of the whole. I see grasses, twigs and rocks peeking out from a fresh new, silent snow.
    Beetles?? Oh my!

    1. Fun to learn that this piece was soothing/calming to both you and Carol. Also fun that it triggered a walking-in-the-park-shooting-photos-for-class-with-high-school-boyfriend memory! The off-center placement of the inner piece was an in-the-moment decision, not my original (more boring) plan. Like you, I enjoy the illusion that the smaller piece is a resizing of the whole. Love your snow imagery!