Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Can't See the Flowers for the Vase

My time in the studio today is an inquiry.

All questions, no answers yet.

detail, work in progress;
working title: Making Messy #3
detail, handpainted collage paper


  1. Love those black marks. Trying to figure out what you are using. Think I know. Love the green pattern play. The scraping (?) marks in the middle are so cool! Wishing you continued fun!!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Black marks are fabric ink on an acrylic skin—random intuitive scribbles made on a plastic surface, over which medium is spread once ink is dry; I end up with a clear sheet in which the ink marks are embedded. I then cut strips or sections and collage them onto paintings in progress. I love the spontaneous energy they bring with them; I don't think I could achieve the same effect applying the ink directly to a painting.

      In the green collage page the marks in the center are courtesy of a stencil.

  2. Like Sheila don't know how the pieces for together each is so different. Each a painting in itself. Great textures and line work. They are both dynamic!

    1. Top photo: work in progress. Bottom photo: collage paper painted in hopes that it might have a place in moving the work in progress in a desired direction.

      Thanks for your observations of texture, line work, and dynamic energy.