Thursday, June 15, 2017

All This

• A little unincorporated fishing village on a harbor in New Brunswick, Canada;

• a tiny post office and maybe two dozen homes surrounding the harbor in the village center;

• a church up on a hill;

• a bunch of lobster boats and a few big well boats used in the salmon aquaculture industry;

• no grocery store, no gas station, no laundromat, no coffee shop, no shops at all; 

• neighbor Paula, whom we met at Scotiabank on arrival day when we stopped in St. George to exchange money, driving by on her way to work, waving and calling out brightly, "Good morning!";

• the refreshment of pure fir-tree-filtered air filling my lungs;

• a Canadian flag snapping in the wind;

• dry, clear breezes dancing on my bare arms as the sun warms me; and

• a dazzling pas de milles performance of sparkles on the textured surface of the water.

… All this finds its way through sensory synapses 
and then embodies itself in my painting 
(along with a sheet of waxed sandwich paper 
saved from lunch in St. George on Friday!).

work in progress, working title: Musquash Marsh & Marks


  1. transported, delighted - I can almost feel the fresh air in my lungs. Thank you for sharing the juicy bits of your day!

  2. Happy to transport and delight. Breathe deeply—it'll sustain you for a good long time!

  3. I can't say it enough, Dotty. Next to an artist you are a poet. I completely agree with Jennifer: you can transport with words the experience of being there! Enjoy!

    1. Simone, thank you for your encouraging words about MY words! Love knowing that I'm able to transport.

  4. Poet indeed! Beautiful! I would call this Dotty's flies! Wouldn't miss your post for the world!

    1. Thanks, Carol! Fun to get your feedback : )

  5. Replies
    1. Seagull's view of a Fundy fog, perhaps??!