Friday, April 7, 2017

Layer 10/100


Every layer a surprise.

Every layer an internal journey.

Today, an excerpt I've already quoted more than once from Cynthia Voigt's A Solitary Blue surfaces yet again:

This had been the pattern of his days on the back creek, too: he would move the boat out until he felt more frightened than he had the courage to match; then he would anchor and wait.

I was completely smitten by layer 3, and could easily have stopped then, based on nothing more than the thrill of the distance I'd moved the boat. But I anchored, waited, moved again.

I get attached. I let go.

I anchor. I move out.

I'm cautious. I throw caution to the wind.

Today I use oil pastels, nylon screen and house paint, ink pen, different house paint, wood staining pad.

Layer 10.

layer 10/100


  1. My hands are in the air, and I want to shout,"STOP!" This is done, finished. PERFECT! The soft blues and greens, lavender. Frosty whites. So lovely. Circles, details, bits of black. I love it. Which means I am attached. But I know. I know I can only enjoy this for today. For a little while. So I pin it to my Dotty board. Inspiration board. I take another look. Enjoy. Still looking...
    Until tomorrow!

    1. What a wonderful idea. There we can see them all!!!Now to find the board!!!

    2. Love your response, Sheila! One key reason why I keep my blog is to keep a visual record, with accompanying backstories, of all the art I've created that has given its life in service of other art!

      LOVE your pinning Layer 10 to your inspiration board. I am honored, and I value your input about this painting's having arrived at a compelling place.

    3. Here is the board Carol, and Dotty.
      And I have one for you as well Carol. :)

    4. Sheila—thanks for sharing this!

      First, I am honored and delighted. It is both humbling and thrilling to discover that I have a 'collector' in you. I go to that 'gallery,' a gallery not of my own devising, and discover a collection of my work. Quite astonishing and heartwarming.

      Second, once again I realize I am barely scratching the surface in my use of the internet! You've given me much to think about : )

      Thank you!

    5. Oh my gosh, Sheila..this was my exact response! I'm very attached to the way it is's such a gorgeous piece. Yet, at the same time, I look forward to seeing what Dotty does with it from here on out. :)

    6. So much fun to hear your responses, and … Dotty is also looking forward to seeing what she does with it from here on out!

  2. New colors, new complexity! A dance for the eyes, and full of little eyes staring at me. Casper moving down, smaller eyes and delicate whiskers. Do ghosts have whiskers? Love the pinks and purples!!!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Carol! I had fun developing the colors and complexity, and making ongoing discoveries in the process—eyes' watching me, whiskers tickling me … where do they come from?!