Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Third Something

I am one of five sisters, the oldest.

Marj is one of the same five sisters, the youngest.

We are bookends, each holding a place in a sister lineup that spans twelve years.

Such a sweet time I've had painting up some colors and lines and scribbles and joy to make a card to celebrate my baby sister.

Happy birthday, Marj!

Maybe I Am Just a Kid, Only Older
3x4"; acrylic, ink, and collage on drawing paper, mounted on card stock


  1. So colorwonderful! I love the paper cutouts, the mingling colors, the swirly girlie flowers. This card brings "Happy" and "Joyful" with it :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. The collaging in this piece was fun. The polkadot (may be hard to discern in photo) 'stems' come from an envelope a friend used to mail me something. Did a bunch of experimenting before ideas clicked.

  2. Hi Dotty!
    So funny to hear the word 'bookends'. I have been listening to Simon and Garfunkel since I was young, and I have never understood the word 'bookends'. And now, through this post, I finally got the clue!
    Happy birthday to your sister!

    1. Hi Simone, love this story of yours about bookends. Also love that you've been listening to S&G since you were young—S&G and the Beatles were my favorites throughout my growing up years. Still love 'em!

      #4 sister and I took #5 out for lunch (two weeks belatedly) for her birthday on Wednesday : )

  3. Oh how I love the titles. Really feel like a little girl at times! Then I look in the mirror... who is that I ask? Beautiful card! Do you know of that photographer, Nicholas Nixen who photographed the Brown sisters?

    1. Glad you're enjoying the titles—I've enjoyed the act of titling of late.

      It IS startling to look in the mirror sometimes when internally I feel like the same person I've been since, say, 1970 or so!

      I do know of Nicholas Nixon and his photographing of the Brown sisters, though not by name in either case!