Friday, March 24, 2017

Because Of

Because of my wanting to make a bookmark to match the cover of a book I planned to read,

I scrounged around my studio for some sturdy paper,

found the black cardboard back I'd saved from a spiral binder, and

painted some background colors.

Because of the size of the black cardboard, I cut ten 1.5x5.5" pieces.

Because of cutting ten pieces, I now find myself creating a series.

Bookmark #7 joins the crew today:

Eddying Around in the Vacuum
1.5x5.5"; acrylic and ink on black cardboard


  1. Exciting and slightly exotic! Just love the bubbles, and the "jewelry" :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. The 'bubbles' were created with a Posca paint pen and were very satisfying to make—they provided just the contrast and compositional unifier I was looking for at that point, and came into being very intuitively. As you and I both know, be grateful for flow when it comes along!

  2. Love those Posca pens! Love those pretzel marks!

    1. The Posca pens are really fun, aren't they? Glad you like the pretzels!

  3. Hi Dotty. So good to see that you can also paint on such a small size! I keep forgetting that. It is also something beautiful to give away!

    1. Yes and yes! I continue to be surprised and delighted by what a small 'canvas' has to offer—the surprise comes when I discover repeatedly that small does not necessarily equal quick or easy. And, as you acknowledge, this small format offers a lovely way to give something beautiful to someone else.