Tuesday, October 11, 2016

IMPROV, Day 1d

One of the requirements for the written-discussion part of this lesson: address both Inner Process and Visual Content.

Inner process with this one: in a word, harried. Turned out that working under tighter-than-usual time constraints bound me up instead of freeing me.

Got going but in short order totally lost my way. Kept putting one foot in front of the other anyway, but not with any palpable sense of joy or curiosity or spunk.

Eventually, painted myself into enough of a mess that I got out my white paint and brayer, covered a good 75% of the dang tangle, and took a break. The success in that was that I'd been aiming to create more layers in this piece, and now I had!

Met with my afternoon students. Ate dinner. Did some packing for going away.

Started putting one foot in front of the other again.

Veiling most of the piece when I got lost, and then walking away for a bit, offered up the chance to come at the piece with a fresh open mindset.

Found my way!

Improv #4


  1. First thanks for the reminder about veiling. I have a painting that is totally a mess, and that is exactly what I will do with it. I am going to look at your painting by sections, the trees. Top left my fav! The bright pinkish reds with orange and muted green and the dark red with just a peek of turquoise!Top right the oranges and black and white with light purple, really set off themselves. Love all the free texture and patterns.Bottom left, the greens with the purple with a touch of orange. Lastly the black with muted pinks and purples. I don't particularly like the stencil stars, would prefer hand drawn but they do give a variety of patterns. BTW the forest also seems to work,

    1. Yes to veiling—hope you have fun doing so!

      Love that you looked at my painting by sections. I like the top left also—the scribbles feel free-spirited and I liked indulging in using a silver pen; the dark red bits are collaged (from handpainted papers I made awhile ago). Used gold pen in upper right, and more collage—both handpainted paper and tissue. In the bottom right, the stars are part of tissue paper—I sometimes use tissue paper as veiling, liking the way I can manipulate it differently from painted veiling.

      Glad you enjoyed getting up close and personal with individual trees and also enjoyed stepping back to see the forest : )

  2. Hi Dotty,

    I love the little stars!

    I just threw 6 paintings on the blog, just in time (or just after the deadline, I think). Did not meet the criteria, but posted them anyway....

    Have fun in your cabin!

    1. Hi Simone, the little stars are part of my tissue paper collection!

      LOVED seeing your posts for Lesson 6 and Lesson 7 at our JD class blog—I continue to be so captivated by your clear, strong painting voice/signature. I especially enjoyed seeing your stripes assignment, with the subtle markings.

  3. Replies
    1. ¡¡thanks, Sheila!! Used some silver and gold pens in this one : )