Tuesday, October 4, 2016

COLOR, Day 6

Part of the fun of this lesson was the instruction not to choose colors for any particular reason or to choose colors that would go together well or contrast well. The idea was to choose any 3-4 colors, play with hue, saturation, and value, and see what we discovered/observed after the fact.

Another study gets a chance to stand in the limelight:

Color #6, exploration started

Color #6, exploration enhanced
three cool colors tied by blue and green: yellow-green, green-blue, blue-violet;
the range of hues in each area comes in part from the non-painted enhancements;
the blue-violet has areas of the deepest saturation;
contrast is greater between yellow-green and blue-violet 

than between yellow-green and green-blue,
and the contrast between y-g and g-b is greater when the darker value of one 

meets the lighter value of the other


  1. That sounds like a difficult lesson. We all tend to choose our palette so it will harmonize,work well together. Maybe choose blindfolded? HA ha! That said I love the varietions in each color. And,the colors work.
    I am trying backgrounds with wax crayons,watercolor crayons and medium and water. Have to get some watercolor paper. Have tried on cut canvas...very difficult for me.

    1. I didn't choose blindfolded, but not a bad idea! I chose opaque colors b/c the exercise was NOT to layer, so that helped limit choices, and with several I chose colors I never use b/c here was a good chance to use up paint.

      Eager to see what you're experimenting with.

      I've got a new lesson to start today. Scary to dive in.

  2. Great idea to choose only opaque colours. Didn't think about that.

    Yes, diving into a new lesson! The next one looks easier, maybe, what do you think? Closer to 'normal' painting?

    1. Using only opaque colors helped tremendously. I figured that out from Jane's video. As our lessons have progressed, I've learned how important it is to pay close attention to every single detail in the written part of the lesson and every single detail in the videos. I actually have started taking notes before I paint at all for any new lesson. And I reread my notes often. it has made a favorable difference for me.

      Yes, the new lesson feels like an 'easier' one. In fact, when I saw what it was I laughed, thinking, "THIS is a lesson made for Simone!"

  3. I find it incredible how much effort you put into it. I have the feeling I might not even have seen the video.
    I think this course actually is seriously too much in my life at this moment (at least, if I want to keep painting on my own, ongoing stuff (which I want to, since I want to finish something before 1 november).)

    But okay: I do what I can, and I guess I can also go through everything later again.

    1. This class is the first sustained direct painting instruction I've ever had, and I've made the decision to give it robust attention and participation while the opportunity is is front of me. I'm valuing Jane's input and knowledge as well as the chance to see the work and interpretations of others. I know I'm not likely to do the lessons later if I don't do them now, and I know from having taken one of Jane's downloadable classes (as opposed to this 'live' interactive class) that doing the class while it's up and running and live teaches me significantly more than what I get from a class on my own. All that said, the class is actually seriously too much in MY life at this moment, too, and I'm thinking I'm not likely to take another class any time soon!!! If I can, though, I plan to stay the course through to the end.

  4. Yes, I will definitely try to keep up, too!