Monday, October 3, 2016

COLOR, Day 5

Well, painting these little suckers was nothing compared to writing about them. Written observations? Holy cow. The amount of direct instruction I've had about color theory would fit in the palm of my hand.

But I'm learning!

Photography insufficiencies notwithstanding, here are two more of my studies, now evolved from starts to enhanced versions:

Color #1, exploration started

Color #1, exploration enhanced
different amounts of three analogous warm colors,
and each color gets a chance to meet an edge
and each other;
range of values and saturation in the dark brown and burnt sienna 
(two colors I rarely use now that I do mostly abstract painting);
range of hue in the yellow-orange band, more brightness in that band,
and more contrast between that band and the other two colors 
than between the dark brown and the burnt sienna;
I like the colors together because they feel earthy, 
with a touch of volcanic lava for tension

Color #2, exploration started

Color #2, exploration enhanced
analogous colors separated into separate bands;
the top band has a range of value, and slight variation in hue,
moving with soft transitions from darker and slightly more saturated at the top to lighter below;
right side of burnt sienna band is basically all one value and hue,
whereas left side is more varied—markings both even out the color
and give it a rougher texture than the top band;
the bottom band has saturation in the lower left corner, 

and its rough brushstrokes are accentuated by markings;
contrast is higher between top two colors than bottom two;
bottom color predominates—it claims over half the space and, 

as darkest color, advances forward


  1. I love earth colors,the enhancements especialy the black area. Love those parralel lines. Is that brush or crayon work?

    1. Thanks, Carol. As you can see from the Color #2 "start" my brushstrokes were very evident. When I went to enhance, I first did some parallel line stenciling in the lower left corner (photo barely shows the dark on dark lines) and then the remaining parallel lines are crayon work.

  2. Oh love these Dotty! Subtlety is a virtue! I have been wanting to add textures to my mountains, your paintings make me HAVE to! Enjoy dear explorer!

    1. Oh way cool if you now add some textures to your mountains—can't wait to see! Happy trails to you!

  3. Hi Dotty! Yes, isn't it incredible how much you learn from writing down all of those usually not even noticed thoughts?

    1. For sure, Jane has me paying attention WAY more than I ever do on my own! And it's HARD WORK!!!—though welcome.