Sunday, July 10, 2016

Telling Stories

Here's what I loved today: all the elements that interacted with each other to create a little painting.

Ann submitted paintings to a magazine.
The magazine chose to feature them.
She was given several one-year subscriptions to the magazine.
She offered a subscription to Dave and me.
A painting in one issue caught my eye.
I tore out the page.
It ended up in a pile of other saved pages and images over a year ago.
Last week the pile got shoved in a closet to make way for Caroline and Emmy's visit.
Over the weekend Caroline and Emmy took me on a belated birthday shopping trip.
I purchased three colors of paint that Jane often mentions.
Caroline and Emmy returned to Virginia.
I started to reassemble my studio.
I bumped into the magazine page when the pile fell on the floor.
I saw it as a source of lines to look at while I released inner energy through a charcoal pencil.
I wanted to follow Debora's suggestion that I make some sketches and use them for color studies.
I wanted to play with my new paints.
I sketched and painted.
A line-and-color study now graces my home.

Line and Color Study 070616
5x7", charcoal pencil, acrylic, and oil pastel on watercolor paper


  1. Lovely depth, mossy coolness. Captivating.

    1. Thanks, Sheila. Love that you felt mossy coolness. Perfect. Would that we were hanging out together in that mossy coolness shootin' the breeze together.

    2. I love this painting. It is very mysterious. As you know, I am into mystery these days. The color is great too. The black is perfect.

    3. Thanks for your comments and your feedback on color and use of black, Ann. Hope you enjoyed the reference to yourself in my story telling.

      Glad to offer up some mystery—more that cannot be named : )

  2. Love this painting Dotty. I immediately flashed on Turner (who I believe you are tired of but who I still enjoy). And your story accompanying said painting was a perfect introduction.

    1. Martha, I am excited to bump into you here at my blog! Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. Love that you thought of Turner! Love that you enjoyed my story. This piece was a pleasure to work on, is a pleasure when I see it anew (currently perched on a made-by-Dave gallery shelf in my studio, aka C&E's sometimes bedroom).