Monday, July 11, 2016

Staying Power

Worked the same theme again today as yesterday. With ink as my starting place, used the same magazine image to trigger line-making. Opted to work primarily with my new tube of green gold paint. Mixed up various tones and shades using titanium white and Payne's gray.

Lost most of the line work as I painted. Felt scattered and pressed for time. Got to a messy middle stage in the process.

Kept playing.

Made lines on top of the paint. Pulled out wax pastels and, a few minutes later, oil pastels.

As I continued, the scattered-pressed-for-time feeling fell away. I got deliciously lost in intuitive development of the emerging image. I so love shifting into that collaboration—the collaboration of environment, materials, inner energy, muscles, and mind, the letting go of not-enough-time-what-am-I-doing thinking, the letting go of thinking altogether.

work in progress, before flow
Line and Color Study 070716
5x7", ink, acrylic, wax and oil pastel on watercolor paper


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    1. Thanks, Sheila. It was fun to do a monochromatic study. Haven't focused on color in that way in awhile.