Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The phrase "starving artist" just came to mind. I understand the nature of the expression, but really? Starving? An artist?

In my experience, "starving" paired with "artist" seems like a complete contradiction in terms.

I am continually fed and nourished and fueled and fortified and sated by playing with art. Never has my belly been so full.

If ever I was starving, it was before I picked up a paintbrush, that's for sure.

Today I continue to think about sketching, about painting abstractly, about starting with no external information at all, about creating from within.

When I think of sketching, I usually think of making quick rough lines to represent something I see. Today I decide to sketch without looking at anything, and without trying to represent anything, not even something in my mind's eye.

Not easy; not easy.

But, I'm telling you, art offers a feast from soup to nuts.


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    1. : )

      I have to say, I'm hungry right now, not having been able to paint for several days and literally having had to take apart my studio.