Monday, July 4, 2016


On an overbusy afternoon last week, when what I had planned to accomplish before day's end was wildly ambitious and unrealistic, instead of putting my shoulder to the wheel … I went to my studio!

With windows open to the summer air and to the companionable tapping of hammers next door where our neighbors were having new siding installed, I brushed a few bold strokes of cad red onto a rectangle of manila stock, dried those brushstrokes with my hairdryer, selected two pens from my collection, and lost myself in the contentment of rustling up some semblance of bright poppies. Made a few quick decisions about composition, grabbed my iPhone (alive and functional after three weeks in ICU—yay!) to snap photos, and only then moseyed over to my to-do list.

Poppy Imposters
5x4", acrylic and ink on manila stock
floral abstract


  1. LOVE them!!! I can just see Dorothy falling asleep in them...

    1. Thanks! I love the associations you make!

  2. So lovely and cheerful! I love the unbalance, the wonkity, rickety stems, the spotty dotties. Makes me smile. There is a vaguely Asian feel, elegant and refined. Contradictory I know. But there it is.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Sheila. You picked up on elements I had fun creating: the asymmetry, the barely-able-to-hold-their-heads-up stems, the atmospheric spotty dotties! And, you saw things that I didn't intentionally plant but that evidently grew anyway: Asian ambience, elegance, refinement. Fun!