Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Force

Something is roiling around in me. It feels fierce, ferocious, filled with trapped energy.

That roiling picked up a 5x8" manila stock card.

Used brayer, stylus, and paint brush; black and white.

Cut the card in half.

Scribbled with ink, with wax pastels.

Smudged, circled, brushed, veiled, darkened, lightened, scribbled some more.

Had neither eyes nor ears for anything but itself.

Trust and Vulnerability
4x5", acrylic, ink, wax pastel, and pen on manila stock


  1. Ferocious is a good word for this. Strength, energy. Feels as if it is about to erupt. Wonderful.

    1. Sheila, thanks so much for your feedback. This piece really wanted me to paint. Afterwards I felt like I'd had a spinal alignment and that every cell in my body was healthy and alive.