Saturday, June 18, 2016

Five Minutes?

I returned to the five eight-minute painting I started before going on vacation to Nova Scotia, wondering how I might want to develop it. I'd left off thinking I'd cut it in two and give maybe five minutes to each half.

About those five minutes.

Missed that limit by a long shot!

I did cut the original into two pieces. That was the last straightforward step I took.

After that, I used wax pastels to develop depth in both. The pastels added a measure of visual interest but didn't send me in any clear direction and, further, presented some new puzzles to solve.

Next, I gave texture to one half using a piece of screen.

On the other, I use a brayer and then applied collage to create some atmospheric layers.

Now, I'll sit with these until they tell me where to go next because, for the moment, I'm stumped.

Each one needs cohesion, and I think the cohesion will come from a simple touch or two, but I don't yet know what that touch is going to be.


  1. Atmospheric... very 1968 Star trekkie. Love them. :)

    1. 1968, a great year! Thanks for your comments : )