Monday, June 13, 2016

Choppy Waters

I feel very unsettled in my vacation painting. Haven't got my sea legs yet, can't seem to find a place of balance and centeredness from which to create.

So, I pitch and toss and paint anyway.

Borrowed/explored a style that caught my attention in a gallery in Lunenburg this morning, and painted up a souvenir this afternoon.

On the Way to Corkum's
6x6", acrylic on gessobord


  1. I actually like your painting! Sometimes it is nice to try something out that you haven't 'thought up' yourself. It can inform and inspire your own painting!

    It looks like yours though. It has the 'realism' in it from a while ago, and also the abstraction that you work in now.

    I can relate to what you say, that it is sometimes strange to create in another place, when you don't have all your own stuff around you and where you know everything.

    I actually never have done it I realize now... My creative self falls a bit flat when I am out of my own safe environment. Or maybe I just don't feel like it...

    Hmmm, interesting...

    1. Simone, thank you! I appreciate your feedback, I appreciate your knowing my painting path well enough to see how this piece in particular blends my earlier realism and current abstraction, and I appreciate our ongoing conversation about creativity. I've previously created on at least four other vacations as well as on quick overnights visiting with family; on all of those occasions I was able to pretty much able to carry on with whatever mindset I'd brought with me from home, i.e. if I was painting realistically at home, I painted realistically while away. If I was experimenting with something new, I stayed with that experimental mindset while away. On this vacation, I feel "all over the place"—I don't seem to be coming from a centered place. That said, however, I am able to hold true to my original pledge to myself from when I first started painting in 2014: to trust and follow whatever calls to me (even if what calls to me isn't clear!).

  2. Love this Dotty. Love the simplicity, the warm light, the welcoming feel. I just want to walk out into those fields and look for treasures. Or just sit and stare out in to the water. Lovely :)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. There are a few clam shells out in those fields. And I'm missing a favorite earring—if you find it, please hang on to it for me. Staring out into the water = the best.