Thursday, December 24, 2015

Voting Rights

Norway Center (NC) has what is called a Resident Council. When activities director Georgia—love her energy and spirit!—came on board at NC she established a bank account directly for the residents; it's their money to choose how and when to spend, and the corporation can't touch it. It allows for special events or projects outside the corporation activities budget, and the residents themselves vote on how to use it. It's that account to which my sisters and I will donate.

In the past, residents have gone to North Conway to ride a train around the Notch, headed off to the cinema, sponsored a needy child at the Christmas season, and bought a Wii so they could bowl.

Is that awesome or what?

In the spirit of the Resident Council's right to vote, and to enrich the process of selecting which painting to give NC, I invite you—sisters included—to identify which of my five so-named Norway paintings you like best and why.

Norway 1

Norway 2

Norway 3

Norway 4

Norway 5


  1. I like Norway 1. Reminds me most of Maine, and Grandma. For some reason an easily-recognizable image strikes me as a better match for NC than an abstract piece, for the enjoyment of the residents there. However, I also like Norway 4 for the vivid, life-filled colors. I picture the residents and staff would get joy from that. You know, as I'm writing this, I think my top vote has shifted to #4. Do with that what you will! You can't go wrong with any of these, really. :)

    1. Meg, thank you for voting! I appreciate your discussion above.

  2. I vote for Norway 1. It reminds me of the Maine I know, and I find the colors in it soothing. The trees look like they're reaching up to catch a glimpse of heaven.

    1. Joje, thanks for your vote (especially since you had to overcome cyber nonsense to do so). Your input is welcome!