Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sky Series Redux, #1 of 3

Played with a 4x4" stretched canvas a week or so ago for the first time in almost a year. And let me tell you, it felt like at least a year—I was all thumbs!

I'd forgotten how to work at a table instead of at an easel.

I'd forgotten what it felt like to work on canvas after working on only paper for several weeks.

I'd forgotten about painting around wrapped edges.

For texture, I decided to glue wrinkled paper on my canvas. Gluing paper to canvas turned out to be different from what I was expecting. The tissue tore, and it didn't reach to the edges of the canvas, let alone wrap around the four sides.

But here's another thing that turned out to be different, especially from a year ago: when ugly started showing up on the canvas—and it did, ugly did not take residence inside me. I just kept taking one step and another with a sense of delight and adventure.

As Gomer Pyle used to say, Sha-zam! Gall-lee!

I embarked on a tiny sky series project I had in mind, starting with this take-off on one of the paintings I did for my Norway Center series:

Bethel Sky
4x4", tissue, acrylic, ink, and pastels on stretched canvas
[not for sale]


  1. The sky and clouds look so real!!!

    1. Thanks, Joje. This painting was done from mental images stored from many rides to and from Norway Center in October : )

  2. Love this post Dotty. Lovely sky.. peaceful feeling. So happy that ugly did not get the upper hand! Lol

    1. Thank you, Sheila. Always happy with a lovely sky, a peaceful feeling. Always happy when ugly doesn't get the upper hand!