Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This from Yoga Journal:

Rather than “How am I doing?,” the real questions are “Where am I still shutting down in fear and self-protection?” and “Where do I meet my edge, beyond which I’m not ready to go?” Practice is about noticing and experiencing these places—not with heaviness or guilt but just as something to be worked with … Practice always involves seeing our edge and taking a small step beyond it into the unknown.
I'm going to post work in progress today. I met an edge beyond which I wasn't ready to go (and I also ran out of time).

Tomorrow, I'll take small steps beyond my edge into the unknown.

acrylic paint spread with palette knife 
on crumpled tissue paper glued to poster paper

more paint

ink lines

scene carved with brush using negative space


  1. Wow, love seeing the evolution. Such an amazing process!

  2. Thanks, Joje. The process fascinates me as I move along through it and, of late, I've been struck not only by the evolution of any one painting but also by my evolution as a painter. All very engaging.

  3. Dotty have you signed up for the January challenge? I love this piece, LOVE! And I so enjoy seeing how it all came together :)

  4. Hi Sheila, I HAVE signed up for the January challenge! I assume you have also. Fun to hear that you enjoy seeing the process and love this piece. Guess what? It's not even fully together yet. More fun yet to come!